Administrative Offices

Our office provides general information and assistance to the community. Staff members are here to assist citizens with general information. Even though issues such as voter registration, driver's license, car tags, and utilities are not functions of the city, referral information regarding these services is available through our office.

City Clerk

Becca Smith is the city clerk for the City of Atmore. Her office serves as a central point of contact for Atmore citizens looking to resolve a problem, find out the answer to a question, request copies of official records, or in need of general information. The city clerk's office also acts as an official in the enforcement of the zoning code.

The clerk's office prepares agendas, publications, and printouts for public hearings. Our office also maintains all council meeting agendas and minutes, processes property rezoning requests, the subdivision of property, and requests for variances and annexations.

The mission of the city clerk's office is to assist and support the mayor, city council, and city administration in the governance and management of the City of Atmore. It also seeks to serve the planning and zoning commission, as well as provide information and assistance to the citizens of Atmore.

Mayor's Office

The Mayor's Office supports the mayor, who acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the city and presides at city council meetings. Jim Staff is the current mayor of Atmore.

Revenue Department & Business Licenses

Jeremy Ray is the revenue officer for the City of Atmore. His department enforces tax and licensing laws for the city. The revenues generated by these taxes are used to support vital city services.

Code Enforcement

Atmore Code Enforcement administers and carries out the zoning codes for the city.

Building & Zoning

Chris Black and Greg Vaughn are your contacts within the city's building and zoning department. They ensure that all construction and development is in compliance with local codes.