Atmore has some of the top-rated public schools in Escambia County, with a high school graduation rate of 88%. Additionally, our Alabama schools have become known for having several academic and equity measures for disadvantaged students.

Each of the schools in Atmore boast the necessary resources for teachers and students, alike, to have a high-quality education experience.

Public schools in Escambia County cover every grade and age of children from preschool up to high school. Our system of schools offers educational excellence, produced in coordination by dedicated teachers, staff, the Department of Education, and our schools (and students) in Escambia County.

We also have private schools to choose from, along with area Community Colleges.

Schools Are in Escambia County, Alabama

Currently, there are 12 public schools in Atmore, Escambia County. These schools contain a combined total of 4,176 students (as of the 2021 school year). Our system of schools includes four elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools, and one career readiness center.

Atmore Schools of Alabama

Children, teens, and young adult students of Atmore, Escambia County, will benefit from our schools' safe and caring atmosphere—along with preparedness for higher education. With continued education in many well-respected college and university programs, the state of Alabama ensures lifelong learning to accommodate a rapidly changing world.