The City of Atmore has direct access to various business or leisure transportation methods. This includes traveling via air, rail, boat (at several ports), and car via the Atmore highway system. These systems provide safe and quick passage to and from Atmore and the surrounding areas.

Easy Access to Transportation

Whether you require transportation for all needs—leisure travel, or connections to international destinations—the City of Atmore makes business or leisure transportation convenient.

Travelers are only minutes away from Interstates 10 and 65. These main routes provide easy access for residents and visitors of Atmore in many directions. With the addition of the very popular and scenic highway 31, travelers can access the city from west and east.

From the Gulf Coast to Nationwide Freight Lines to Airlines

The highway system in Atmore isn't the only way to get to your destination. Atmore assists both personal and commercial interests for transport with direct access in Atmore by CSX nationwide freight lines and Alabama and Gulf Coast.

Less than one hour away from Atmore are two major airports that serve five major airlines and their regional subsidiaries. The benefits these two major airports provide are tangible-with commercial and leisure travelers, alike, taking advantage of the convenience of five major airlines.

These airlines provide daily national and international destinations. A city municipal airport also accommodates small jets' daily flights as well as a four-county transportation service for employees.

There are two deep-water ports less than one hour away from Atmore, and it's only minutes away from major coast-to-coast freight haulers.

Atmore Has It All: Major Coast Freight Haulers, Daily Flights, and Easy Driving Access!

Traveling through—and to—a state has never been easier. Within reach of international flights, commercial freight haulers, and access to major interstates, Atmore, Alabama offers convenient transportation for business and personal purposes.