If you spent even just a few hours in Atmore, you'd understand why many people call Atmore, Alabama home. Our residents experience the quaint charm of Southern hospitality, exciting entertainment, great dining, a high-quality education system, and more on an everyday basis. A simple stroll through historic downtown and our vibrant main street district is just one way to experience this first-hand.

We are also a city of progress-with new businesses and homes popping up regularly. Atmore is a city full of rich history with unique, refreshing, and exciting opportunities. Let's look at key Census Bureau statistics that help inform why Atmore, AL, is such a popular place on the map!

Atmore Population Statistics

According to the Census Bureau, 2020 Census data reports a current population of 8,391 Atmore, AL residents. This makes our city the 82nd most populated city (out of 586 cities) in Alabama. Nearby neighbor Bay Minette closely follows with a current population of 8,107 residents-and Meridianville comes next with a current population of 8,209 residents.

Atmore Demographics Data

The Census Bureau has collected the following demographic data about Atmore.

Race & Ethnicity

Atmore's 2020 racial and ethnic groups are as follows:

  • 54.2% Black
  • 37.8% White
  • 3.3% Other (comprising two or more racial and ethnic groups)

Median Income

  • Median household income in Atmore for 2019 was listed at $26,118. Atmore households have been on the rise.

Median Age

  • The median age for Atmore residents is 38.4 years.


  • Atmore has four elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools. Atmore schools see a 71.6% graduation rate.

Employment in Atmore

The following is a helpful breakdown of Atmore's main industries, jobs, and employment opportunities.

  • Manufacturing - 21.5%
  • Retail - 17.7%
  • Healthcare - 12.7%
  • Education - 6.4%
  • Real Estate - 5.1%
  • Public Service - 4.6%
  • Arts - 4.4%
  • Accommodation - 4.2%
  • Construction - 3.8%
  • Scientific and Technical Services - 2.7%
  • Utilities - 2.6%
  • Agriculture - 2.0%
  • Other - 5.5%

Demographics Summary

According to Census Bureau demographics data, Atmore is a pleasant place to live with a welcoming future on the horizon. However, demographics data is only part of the picture; it offers life in Atmore only at a glance. We invite you to visit our city and experience all we have to offer for yourself. There's a reason our total population continues to grow; convenient access to the Gulf Coast, ample career opportunities, and exciting, homegrown adventures are just a few causes as to why!